Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Spark & That Ooh Feeling

Dear Me,

Whenever I check my email, I make sure that I forward to good friends a nice message or two. I came across this one, "Saan ba nakakabili ng Spark?" Translated, where can one buy a Spark? Written in Tagalog, I was pretty caught up in the story. Hmm. It started up with the narration where friend1 asked friend2. There was this decent guy who wooed friend2 no end but friend2 did not feel anything for him at all. There was no spark. So she asked friend1 where can she buy a spark.

So what is a spark? The article carried a definition. "Ano ba ang spark? Ito iyong kuryente na nararamdaman mo kapag kasama mo ang isang tao. Iyong nanlalambot ang tuhod mo. Iyong parang nauutal ka at ayaw gumana ng motor skills mo. Iyong kahit na anong gawin at sabihin niya, o kahit wala siyang ginagawa o sinasabi, kinikilig ka na. Kung hindi mo naman siya kasama, nangingiti ka kapag naiisip mo siya. Ang tawag dun... spark. Magic. Kilig. Kuryente."

Does one really need a spark in a relationship? In my own perspective, yes. Believe me, it doesn't matter how old we may be but the spark plays a great factor in a relationship. I was once in a relationship that did not involve any flicker or sparkle so in such a short time, I called it quits. It was so hard for me to do because the guy had been so nice with me. The relationship was only a convenience for both of us. I also believe that feeling the spark should be mutual for both sides. Nothing works one-way.

That SPARK in the relationship will motivate you to go on and pursue anything in this life with your partner. Just think about being with someone who doesn't even bring smiles in your life. Do you think you can pursue the oher plans in your life when in fact you're burdened with the thought of being someone who can't even pull out a grin from your face?

I was so surprised to receive a deluge of emails afterwards. Oh, Pinoy! When it really comes to love and the like, we really do have something to say. Let me post some of them.

"napaisip din ako...
but in the end i also believe na kailangan ng spark...
hehehe." ----- atty. f

"From seeds of envy in the heart,
Spring up noxious weeds of hate;
So help me, Lord, to love the one
Whom I find hard to tolerate." ----- jovee

"Intended ba sa akin ito. But anyway, whether it is intended for me or not, what
I know is it made some sparks on me. :) Even if I am already middle aged, it
made me kilig, some kind of magic dawned on me... I'm just kidding... But
sorry, I will not delete this message. It will always remind me of
kilig/sparks... Saan nga ba makakabili ng maraming sparks? :-)))))" ----- rafael

"Hindi nabibili ang spark.(You can't buy the spark).
The energy must be in tandem. One offers it the other
feels it. You just need to be patient and keep on
looking. Sooner or later, you'll meet someone who
will make you sparkle." ----- sir paul

"I absolutely agree with u ma'am ivan.....
It may not bring a lot of food on the table but,
it will make your life a bearable one.
I had this girlfriend back in my college days, she is older than me,
but, by golly, we had "it" in our relationship...
we didn't see each other during the day,
so when the day's end, we talked for hours and hours...
we loved to share our experiences, our hardships, our frustrations.
we even talked about movie stars... hehehehehehehehe.
we have problems but it seems , we were able to handle it well.
I can say is, it was perfect...but there's nothing perfect in this world,
we have to part ways....(that's another story).hehehehe..
Anyway, all i can say is, try to be spontaneous with your relationships....
and add a lot of humor...." ----- sir joel

"You remember the movie, "Sleepless in Seattle"? I hope you saw it.
Words like, "love is magic" ! "our love is made in heaven" !
Those are some words that were used in the movie.
Movies like Notebook, makes me fell in love.
As they say, you don't measure your success or failure,
by the number of times you fall,
but by the number of times you rise from that fall.
That also goes when you fall in love.
It is better to have loved and lost than never to have love at all !
Love is magic ! You have to feel it to be in love.
If you dont feel it try and try again.
Who knows one day soon, someone will knock your door,
and that someone brings magic in you. You will never know.
If only all the people of the world will know the significance of loving,
maybe we will all live in peace and harmony.
When husbands and wives are fighting,
have they not thought that at one time or another,
they have loved each other?
For heaven sake, can they just love each other,
instead of fighting. It takes to kiss someone to feel that he or she is loved.
I wish I can tell you more about love is magic.
Keep on loving...." ----- fernando

"Hi! This is rather interesting. I got hit, big time. =)
Kay Ex ko pa rin nararamdaman ang spark eh... tsk tsk...
Modesty aside, kahit naman sha eh,
I feel may spark pa rin shang nararamdaman...
tsk tskkk...
Which brings me to the next question,
saan nakakabili ng anestisya?
Yun kelangan ko eh. hheheeh..."
Well, we belong on the same side.
I personally prefer that I feel a certain spark with the other person.
I don't know, it can be kidstuff, but I like the feeling of "kilig"
- that electrifying feeling when
you see your "crush" or your "boyfriend." ----- mick-ay

"as for me, you've got to give the guy a
chance even if there's no spark at all.
who knows, in a process, there might be "miracle".
but place him on probation period ( probably, a month or 2 )
because in a relationship there should be a spark on it. di ba?
but don't push things! kung wala, wala talaga!!!
if that wasn't meant for you, no matter how hard you try.
it wont let it happen." ----- liezl

And this is the funniest comment ever...

"Naapektuhan si C sa mail mo kahapon. Text sa akin
at isip siya maigi, bakit di daw niya ramdam yung spark sa akin?
Talagang gwapo lang daw ako. Hehehe. Joke." ----- JHerry

There are lots of other comments. Some even deviates to the adult thing. Anyway, there is a kind of SPARK can never be bought elsewhere. Besides, I don't need to look for it coz I know I have it already. All I have to do is make sure that I sustain it well so it won't die out.

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