Tuesday, October 11, 2005

As Tagged By Jon M

Dear Me,

This was supposed to be posted last October 7. To answer
Jon's tag, here it is.

Ten Years Ago:
1. I was a gawky, shy freshman at the University of the Philippines - Manila campus.
2. I was still hoping that I would grow a few inches taller; I even subjected myself to eating rice with Star margarine.

Five years ago:
1. I waited for another year to graduate from the university so I could march onstage to get my diploma. I was an Octoberian and my mom preferred to see me graduate from college with formality.
2. I had officially joined the country's work force.

Two years ago:
1. I was experiencing quarter-life crisis.
2. I met Dex during my climb at Pico de Loro.

One year ago:
1. I was getting desperate and depressed over my life's course.

1. My morning was a slur but the afternoon was a buzz.
2. I was making 'lambing' with my bf over the phone last night and it didn't turn out well. I just get frustrated when he cannot figure out when I am being sweet & irritable. Grr.

* * * * *

Five Snacks I Enjoy:
1. tuna/bacon sandwich
2. anything potato - french fries from McDo/KFC/Shakey's, potato sticks from Potato Corner, potato chips - Lay's/Pringles
3. pizza
4. crepes
5. Ding-Dong

Five Songs I Know All the Words To:
1. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Armageddon theme)
2. For The First Time (Rod Stewart)
3. Wild World (Mr. Big)
4. When You Say Nothing At All (Ronan Keating)
5. One Moment In Time

Five Things I Would Do with 100 Million Dollars:
1. travel to places (where my heart desires) solo or with my family and those close to my heart
2. buy a nice house & car for my folks
3. set up my ideal business enterprise
4. collect all the books & bags & beads I want
5. build an orphanage where I can provide those kids with a good life

Five Places I Would Run Away To:
1. Baguio
2. Puerto Galera
3. Sagada
4. countryside in Thailand
5. France

Five Things I Would Never Wear:
1. leather jacket
2. tattoos
3. those black-netted stockings that showgirls wear
4. mini-skirt
5. backless tops

Five Favorite TV Shows:
1. CSI Miami
2. 24
3. Amazing Race
5. Without A Trace

Five bad habits:
1. my sheer love for procrastination doesn't change anything
2. fast swing of moods makes me highly irritable and spiteful
3. clam up when I get really, really mad or hurt (I just don't want to talk)
4. maxing out my hard-earned money
5. I scream at anyone who messes with my finished chores or while I am still doing it

Five biggest joys:
1. shopping for books & bags & beads/accessories
2. travelling to places where my heart and feet desire
3. seeing my good buds and having a hilarious time together
4. doing something nice for my family, especially my folks
5. being in love/finding someone who understands me

Five favorite toys:
1. Dexine (from Dex)
2. Rottweiler (from Dex)
3. Stitch (from Dex)
4. my pc with internet
5. mobile phone

Five Fictional Characters I Would Date:
--- I can only think of 3:
1. the snobbish gentleman from Emilie Loring's book
2. Gambit of X-Men
3. the character portrayed by the lead man of the romantic Korean tele-novela Sweet 18


  1. nagpaparamdam lang po :)
    amishu! *hugsmwah*

  2. mariel, uy ganda!
    amishu na din noh?! :)

  3. nakakatuwa naman na malamang wild world ni mr big ang isa sa mga favorite mo, sa mga videoke kasi yan lang ang laman kong kanta, hehe. cge link link....

  4. cruise, hehehe! Korek ka jan. Natuwa lang akong ikanta yan nun...*winks*

  5. Hi there!!!!
    What's new with you gurl???

    I'm just dropping by... my eyes are trying to shut down after an hour of studying so I thought of hollering here to prevent a "bad" nap...

    Have a nice day!

  6. abby, salamat sa pagdaan.
    I hope you're doing well with
    your studies..=)

  7. janice, I was kinda busy kasi eh.
    And my pc is not functioning well, too.
    Sana maayos na this weekend....Hehehe.

  8. ang gusto mo idate, yung character ng leading man sa sweet 18, ako, yung mismong leading man ang gusto ko idate *kilig* pag nagkita tayo, sana ay dala ko yung pic, may papakita ako sa yo :D

  9. jary, picture nino yan? hehehe.


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