Thursday, November 17, 2005

Malate Of The Good, Old Days

Dear Me,

I miss Malate. Yeah, I do. Oh, it reminded me of a lot of things during my sneaky (hehehe) college years. The good ole days.

I have been working in Makati for half a decade now and I have been to a number of bars, cafes, nightspots along the strip. Tell you what, nothing beats the atmosphere and the wildness (but friendly) of dear, old Malate. I am challenged to say that Malate is better than the Makati night life.

Anyway, I heard about this new 'tambayan' in Malate. "A house for all art disciplines" - that's how they refer to it. Whether it's indie, alternative, experimental films or music videos and documentaries and you're a coffee addict, a beer or softdrinks drinker, the
Round Eyeglass Kape is open to those interested to watch, hear and drink.

They have Student's Night, Performance Artist's Night, Writer's Night, Poetry and Musician's Night and Filmmaker's Night. Hay, I can still remember attending a couple of poetry-reading nights at a Malate bar a long time ago. The excitement plus the nervousness was overwhelming when I stepped on-stage to read my piece. Nyak. =)

One of these days (meaning Friday or Saturday night), I am bound to swing by at Round Eyeglass Kape. The place is located in front of Starbucks Adriatico, Malate.


  1. will check this place out. i will watch for your review on this soon!! :)

  2. i've been to this place... and its great been there last nov. 12 ..i was lucky that they have an event that night.. check their yahoogroup for pictures..


  3. ok yan, thanx sa tip, hanapiun namin yang bar na yan ;)

  4. KATZ, I surely will. :)

    ANONYMOUS, Saturday I think is poetry night or the film-watching night.
    Either of the 2. I got the info from the ygroup. :) Thanks.

    CRUISE, hope to bump on you. Hehehe :)


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