Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Holiday Rush & Gift-Buying

Dear Me,

For the last 3 weeks, I had been spending my after-office hours at the mall. I could feel the holiday air brewing just around the corner. Despite the hordes of people rushing to and from and elsewhere, I could sense their thrill and excitement in the great hunt for the perfect, most amazing and yet very reasonably-priced gifts they could give their special loved ones. Believe me, I have this very low resistance (where there's a lot of people and the mood is right) against jumping the wagon and participate in the hunt for the golden egg (figuratively speaking, of course).

This year, I am feeling a little odd; more like being over-generous in giving gifts. While at the mall, thoughts of family, friends, cute nephews and nieces and some godchildren (I did not volunteer, they signed me in and it wasn't nice to decline) came to mind. Just thinking about it (plus the gift-giving) made me feel real good.

While at it, I realized a couple of things while doing one's shopping and scouring for the most-coveted presents.
  • Do the shopping during the time when malls are not too crowded with people; either before lunch or mid-afternoons.
  • Draft a list of people you will be giving presents to.
  • With the list, mark the kind or type of gift you will be giving to each person so as to save time scouring the mall for the possible gift.
  • It will save time if you think over about a person's personality and give him/her a personalized gift.
  • Stick on your budget if you got tons of people to give gifts to.
  • If you're on a budget, bear the rush and the crowd during mall sales. Check out the 'tiangges' as well.
  • Not to hurt my papi's feeling but I think it will be better if I shop solo. Not that I don't want him around but I rather do it on my own. Sometimes, I feel accomplish doing one thing that I like! Shopping for everyone (I promise not to over-indulge myself)!
More suggestions? Post them here! =)

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