Monday, December 12, 2005

Tsoko.Nut's New Branch

Dear Me,

Good news!
Tsoko.Nut Batirol has opened another branch at the ground level of South Supermart on Filinvest Avenue, Alabang. Not that I usually go there but it is really nice that they are expanding their operations in other areas. Currently, they only have two branches: (1) at the 2nd floor of SM Makati (where I usually satisfy my cravings for their tsokolate batirol and pandesal with corned beef) and (2) at the 2nd level of Walter Mart at Pasay Road corner Pasong Tamo.

Added treat for the holiday season are offerings of more traditional Pinoy paboritos such as bibingka (has quesong puti, itlog na pula and buko strips), pancit molo, pinipig sa latik, choco-banana sundae, ube-macapuno plan.
I really cannot wait to have a taste of their bibingka. I uberly-crave for bibingka (and puto) with itlog na maalat and cheese noh? Wanna take a bet how the creamy tsokolate batirol goes well with bibingka? So yummy. *grinning from ear to ear*

For those who love and crave for the old-fashioned tsokolate (like I do), I recommend that you visit this new, quaint, homey hang-out. I guarantee you that it is worth every penny you spent there (their prices are very affordable).

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