Sunday, January 29, 2006

...And Another Forecast

Dear Me,

Believe it or not, I seem to mind the contradicting predictions of my sign for this year. I think I went overboard when in fact, I really don't believe in it. It's supposed to be just for kicks. I asked myself why I am so into it lately. I psycho-analyzed myself and came to the conclusion that: people tend to think much, be anxious, when they think/feel that things will turn out bad or something not good is gonna happen. Like, over-anticipate.

I knew what to do: find something good about it to thwart off the not-so-good perception out of my mind. Thanks to
EA, my recent BE renter. I got this link from her blog entry and I checked my own. Viola!

I'm an Earth Horse:
Horse's Overview Horoscope

General Situation
Your life as a couple seems to be very much favored. And for many of you the prospect of a financial improvement through work will further enhance the situation, for it's always been known that money is a great help to love. Your social prestige will also be on the upswing. Lucky devil you are!

On the other hand, the astral dissonances will have a negative effect on your personality. As a result, the undesirable traits of your character will tend to overwhelm your finer qualities. You must make great efforts to prevent your weaknesses from overcoming your strong points. If you succeed in this, then you'll be most praiseworthy, for 'victory over oneself is the greatest of victories' (Plato).


Earth Horse
This year you'll be entering a very favorable small cycle, and these new dispositions will concern all sectors of your life. Your love life will be endowed with exceptional vigor. The general atmosphere will be marked with joy of living and euphoria.


  1. you have a choice, either live according sa mga predictions na ganyan o mabuhay ka on what you believe na gusto mo talaga...

  2. cruise, I know that.
    It's just that I got too addicted to it..hehehe. Thanks, by the way.

  3. Well, I guess the only thing more exciting than the unknown is having a small glimpse of it. :)

  4. marvin, you're right. Guess how curiosity can make you so excited? hehehe.

    ea, no problem. =)


It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!