Saturday, January 21, 2006

BE & My 2nd Renter

Dear Me,

BE got me hooked. I love joining their Battle of the Blogs and the Rent My Blog thingie.

For a while, I was winning in the battle. Then I started hitting higher stakes than before and then when I realized it, I was losing. Hehehe. Goodness. If this is for real, I'll be bankrupt. Hohoho. Honestly, it is really fun. I just surf to gain credits and when I acquire a lot, I hit the battleground. =)

Meanwhile, I tried the Rent My Blog for the 2nd time. By the way, thanks to my first BE renter,
Stephanie Davies for bearing with me in this blog for a week.

For my second strike, I got 9 bids (I only had 4 bids the first time). Whoa. I never expected to have that much.

So, please welcome
Emily Anne and her blog. She's a Filipina, too and I rarely find them in BE. So, what can I say about her? One thing, she is interesting. Her lay-out's nice (does she loves oranges?), loves photos (of herself and friends...hehehe) and loves to tell juicy stories.

Click her bloglink located on the top portion of the right sidebar.


  1. thanks much, ivan! =) hope to catch you in BE!!

  2. ea, no problem.
    see you there.. :)


It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!