Thursday, January 19, 2006


Dear Me,

While doing something official on the side, I was occupied with the not-so-official stuff. Hihihi. For the 2nd time since I learned about
Friendster, I got so focused on finding friends, acquiantances (who were somehow connected to the people in my account) from all over, since time immemorial that we have known each other.

I even went to the extent of searching their names (including the nicknames they go by) and most of the time, I got lucky. Some of them were unsearchable; maybe because they had a new name already (sporting their new civil status) or simply because they weren't in Friendster yet.

Curiosity got the better of me, too. I also searched for my 2nd ex-bf's account. I even thought I found him; using his full name and nickname. I am friends with my first ex and we are Friendster-mates. No bad blood between us.

The 2nd ex was a different story altogether. We or I was bitter when we parted. I did the dumping (I am not being on the defense here) and wanted to go back afterwards. Now, that sounded stupid. But I didn't regret it now, for I wouldn't have found the guy who is making my life rosier. Hopefully, there won't be a 3rd ex along the way.

So why was I so curious in finding R over Friendster? Maybe I am just wondering how he is now; if he has been well since we parted. He was a disaster, not because I dumped him. He made the wrong move about something and didn't have the balls to stand by it. I didn't (don't) need a man who didn't know how to accept life's sacrifices and bitterness.

Anyway, I still have to find some classmates from high school. Off I go.

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