Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Shopaholic Ebooks

Dear Me,

Bf is beginning to flood me with ebooks. I wonder if he is doing that because he knows that I am a voracious reader and I love reading OR he wants to prevent me from buying books more than I can read? Hehehe.

I have bought a lot of books last year and I am really way behind in reading them. The time which I usually allot for reading has been divided into surfing, reading emails and playing pc gamees; meaning, reading has been relegated to the bottom part of the priority chain.

I'm still not done with
Still Waters by Tami Hoag. Hopefully, I'll be done reading it tonight or tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm keeping those ebooks in my pc so when I don't have anything to read anymore (and I happen to be broke to buy books), I'll just turn my pc on and choose what to read. =)

PS. Here are the latest ebooks I have:
Books by Sophie Kinsella


  1. The Shopaholic books are fab! I read them all last year, they're hard to put down.

    Just stopped by to say I love your blog! :D

  2. the newsbitch, you're right.
    Kinsella is the best chic lit writer these days. :)

    and by the way, thanks for the drop. :)

  3. i've read all Shopaholic series.. it's a must-read for all fab chics!! =)

  4. ea, I had fun reading them..:)

  5. my...u read mostly girly stuff... but i've heard from my guy friend that shopaholic series is really that good... me, im finishing off the narnia series... awesome books, beautiful stories... there are parts that made me cry.

  6. andy, i also read other books, not only girly stuff as you say..hehehe. I love Grisham, Patterson, Brown, Truman..etc.


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