Monday, February 27, 2006

Amazing Race Asia

Dear Me,

I was browsing
AXN Asia and I got pretty excited. Finally, Asia has its own version of Amazing Race! Now, I am really raring to know who will represent the Philippines! *overjoyed*

Watching AR really gives me this kind of high. I guess everyone does, too. :)

The Amazing Race wants you!

Your chance to be a part of the biggest, boldest adventure of a lifetime – THE AMAZING RACE ASIA!

Singapore, 13 February 2006 – Ever wonder what it would be like to race against time across countries with only a backpack to your name? Does the thought of journeying through uncharted territory send a shiver of excitement down your spine? How about negotiating a taxi ride using sign language just because the driver doesn't speak your language? If you’ve answered yes to the above, The Amazing Race Asia wants you!

From 15 February 2006 to 15 March 2006, AXN is on the lookout for participants to join The Amazing Race Asia, the very first “made in Asia for Asia” version of the hugely popular globetrotting reality series, The Amazing Race. Fulfilling the aspirations of millions of die-hard Asian fans, a total of 10-12 teams will be selected to participate in the race (to be produced in a series of 13 episodes) – right on our very doorsteps! Each team will comprise two people with a pre-existing relationship, and the participants must be living or working in Asia (excluding Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the Middle East). All contestants are required to be 21 years and above; must be able to speak English, as well as possess both a valid driving licence and international passport. The first pair across the finishing line will be awarded US$100,000 in prize money.

With a total reach of over 77 million homes across Asia, The Amazing Race has become a signature series on AXN with millions of viewers tuning in to each episode. Many have become such ardent fans that they have sent in numerous requests to AXN, expressing their desire to be a part of the phenomenal show.

That chance has finally arrived. Ricky Ow, General Manager of SPE Networks - Asia, explains, "The Amazing Race Asia fulfils the aspirations of millions of die-hard Asian fans, offering viewers in Asia the chance of a lifetime to be a part of the Race. The series is AXN’s biggest original production initiative to date and will span the width of our footprint in Asia not only in terms of production efforts, but also in terms of the level of participation by Asians, the overall sales and marketing, advertising and promotion campaign for this show. I am proud to say that The Amazing Race Asia will truly be a production made in Asia for Asians."

For more information, please visit this link:


  1. Sheesh!! I've been dying to get on that show forever, and now here's the asian version. I swear i'm tempted to move to the Philippines just so I can qualify. LOL.

  2. ken, balik ka na dito. Sapat you're somewher ein Asia to qualify. Hehehe.

  3. I love watching the Amazing Race. I hope they show the Asian version here in the USA also. It'd be great to see.

  4. utenzi, me too. Crazy about it. I am really excited to see who's competing.

    by the way, I'm sorry if I didn't accommodate you in my BE rent spot. I promise that you'll be in on your 2nd bid. =)


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