Monday, February 27, 2006

Phone Calls

Dear Me,

While I was in Iligan for business, I got two unexpected calls: WORK. I was due for an exam and an interview, respectively. Unfortunately, I begged off because I would still be in Iligan then. Anyway, I don't actually regret it because I know they will call again. :) They're persistent. Hehehe.

I can face all these job requirements by next week. I will be free from work demands, I guess.

Oops, I need to visit
UP soon. I have to acquire that application form.

Also, I need to brush up my basic math skills: percentage, fraction, decimals, etc. I am slated for an exam which I can schedule depending on my availability. I can do the basic but I'm not so sure now. Hehehe.

I hope my life gets back on track.

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