Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Food Expo

Dear Me,

Every year, I only look forward to attending two (2) major exhibitions. One is the Travel Fair Expo and the other, the Philippine Food Expo. I have been religiously attending since year 2003 and I guess, learning to appreciate the variety of food from there to checking out new restos has taken its 'enormous' toll in me. I gained weight. I became a lover of food. :)

Phil Food Expo @ the SM Mega Trade Hall

I bought the following: bacon, corned beef, pork tocino, my favorite Drysdale mango juice + other flavors, condiments, pili nut varieties, local candies, power drinks, prawn crackers, laing varieties in can and last but not the least, cacao (this is my top mission in the expo). It wasn't that much for I only spent less than 2K but it was totally a heavy load to carry by one person. Good thing I got my papi beside me. :)

didn't take much photos, only these via Sony Ericcson K700i

I really wanted to have a photo taken with that cow...moooo..

rejuvenating drinks from Tea Republic


  1. Wow, im jealous you got to go to a food convention. I wish I would have been in the Philippines on vacation during this time. I would have for sure gone and bought a ton of food. :)

  2. ken, you better be in the country every January for the Phil Food Expo. You won't regret being here. :)


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