Thursday, March 9, 2006

Performance Evaluation

Dear Me,

It's this time of the year when this certain piece of sheet (hehehe) happens to land exactly at the center of my (and everybody else') work station. That lonely piece of paper will determine how I fared on my duties and responsibilities as an employee of the organization. Well, it has been incubating itself on my table for a week now. Deadline was 3 days ago.

I was not particularly ecstatic to evaluate myself; let alone touch that paper. In fact, I was planning to give myself a perfect 3 in the 1 to 5 grade range. I wouldn't even comment anything. I know how I fared and it kinda bugged me that the result of that performance evaluation does not show my true worth. Besides, I am not happy anymore to work there. A lot of things changed since...

I wasn't after the money then but I heard something great. And since my siblings and I will be flying to Cebu, the money will be such a great help (expenses to be shouldered by me). So, I changed my mind and plot my worth in numbers in that paper. I didn't slash any 5's and I gave myself 2's. I'm honest.


  1. One of my 2006 goals: vacation to Cebu. :)

  2. john, wish you can accomplish your Cebu trip this year.

  3. Hei! You are my new tenant on my blog! :)

    Will be visiting your blog again.

  4. al bjornstad, thanks for having me. I can see that you have many Filipino blogger friends. =)

  5. haha. minsan we are working for money, but soon we will find more contentment if we like our job and at the same time being paid well.

    be happy in cebu!

  6. cruise, you're right. These days, it is really hard to choose between the 2 due to various circumstances. But if I'm gonna have my way, I prefer to be contented...and happy about my job. =)


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