Sunday, March 19, 2006

Under The Sun

Dear Me,

It's been quite a while. Hmm.

1. I just got back from the office. My project counterparts from the Hanoi office arrived and wanted to meet with our local counterparts. It was a project counterparts' meeting of some sort. They badly needed help in setting up a new project and totally, they had no idea how. Not one single idea. I could understand their dilemma. It was a good thing we were able to get valuable information from the local peepz here.

But there's a catch. I don't think it's the money that is the problem. I got the feeling from this girl that they cannot start anything unless the money isn't available. I believe that they've got to start something first and then lead the others to it. After you focused on it and had given it a good start, that's the time you start worrying the financial part.

Joining the meeting, I gained a number of perspectives. It was enlightening, in fact.

2. I finally acquired (thanks to my boss & Papi) this cute
Starbucks Planner. I know it's been almost a quarter past late to use it and I already have this small pocket planner I've been using. Hehehe. I thought of giving it away but when I opened it, my heart fell for it! It's damn lovely. It may sound stupid but I have this desire of not wanting to lay any ink on it. But, it will be of no use come next year. So, I discarded the current pocket planner I'm using and replace it with this cutey. =)

3. My siblings and I are off to somewhere this summer. It was supposed to be me and my mom only; then just my brother and I. Now, my mom's out of the picture and my younger sister comes in. Wow. It seems like we are slated for a good sibling-bonding session. Hopefully, I can have this family outing at
Island Cove this summer, too. I have been waiting for this to materialize for some time but some issues have to be considered along the way. I'm really dying to see these plans push through.

4. My high school batchmates are planning this semi-reunion come July. I am still thinking if I'm going or not. Honestly, the odds are 1 against 10. The confirmed attendees are almost a 100% from a particular section. I'm just a little picky these days. I just wonder where the hell are my section classmates. Come on, guys. Show up.


  1. I've enjoyed your site and will be voting for you in blogexposion. Good Luck on your battle!

  2. sugarmama, thank you very much for the visit. Unfortunately, I lost the BE battle but it's ok. =)


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