Monday, April 17, 2006

Movie Marathon

Dear Me,

When you're just staying home the entire workweek and you're not in the mood to leave the comforts of the house, what else can you do besides doing minor household chores and reading books? You can see those borrowed DVDs scattered all over your room so you grab them and take them all up and plug the tv and the dvd player. First things first, you open the fridge and look for something to eat and drink. There you are, ready to sit that ass and watch.

Just Like Heaven: I am beginning to love Reese Witherspoon here. I found the plot of the movie sweet. Elizabeth was in a coma and her spirit was up and about. Her spirit was in and out of her apartment and she met David, the man she was supposed to meet before her accident. In the end, David was the guy she was supposed to fall in love with. By the way, I saw the alternative ending and good thing they didn't use it. The movie was good but having the alternative ending would make Just Like Heaven a feel-bad movie.

The Constant Gardener: Starred by Rachel Weisz and Ralph Fiennes, this movie is a web of passion, suspense, conspiracy and betrayal. Watching this movie touched me and made me angry. I couldn't help but cry over the enormous pity I felt for the poor people living in Kenya and Africa. Poverty has really stomped them the right to live humanely. And I couldn't accept that rich countries are treating them like dirt, making them their guinea pigs.

This movie is also based on a novel written by suspense author, John Le Carre.

Proof: I didn't like this movie billed by Gwyneth Paltrow and Anthony Hopkins. I was watching this with a heavy heart with all that shouting and anger. Oh, maybe because the movie was supposed to be that way but still, it was a waste of time for me.

Yours, Mine & Ours: How can a single parent ever manage to raise up 8-10 kids all by herself? Hmm. I think I'll go nuts. But one thing I liked about this movie is the positivism it promotes about having a family and being one. :)

Walk The Line: It tells about the tale of a rising pop-rock star as he goes and battles himself during a volatile period in his life. He is Johnny Cash. By the way, I like Reese Witherspoon here. She's good. I also love the songs they sang in the movie. Does anyone know how can I get a list of the sound tracks?

Get A Clue: Hehehe. Teen flicks sometimes make me feel younger. Well, I didn't expect it to be that 'teenish' (is that even a word?) Lohan portrayed it uber. Some scenes of hers made me cringe from embarassment. Hehehe.

Pride and Prejudice: I am not really a Keira Knightley fan that's why I have put off watching this movie for quite a time. But I was taken aback. She did well in this movie and for me, it was almost perfectly done. I recommend this one for viewing.

Ako Legal Wife: This is the 4th installation of the Pinoy movie, Mano Po. As much as it was a funny movie, I would still prefer if Mano Po 4 trailed the same line as its 3 predecessors. Anyway, the movie's laughable. When I learned that Zsa Zsa Padilla will be starring in it, my brows raised a bit. For one, she doesn't know how to act. Oh, remember the movie, Amboy with that fair-skinned young actor surnamed Garcia? Padilla starred in that movie portraying as the young boy's mother. Goodness. She was supposed to be crying but she looked like she was laughing. Didn't mean to be harsh but the lady should just hold the mike rather than act. Anyway, she made me laugh with her antics.

The Count of Monte Cristo: This one is a film about betrayal, adventure and revenge. Jim Caviezel who portrayed Dantes in the movie is so dazzling and enigmatic - as the Count of Monte Cristo. Hahay. Ang guapo nya.


  1. Ako Legal Wife is actually NOT Mano Po 4.

    wala lang. :P

  2. mukhang oks tog mga to ha, wala pa akong napanod sa mga yan.. nagpalit lang ako ng URL

  3. Jon, it is. :)

    cruise, oist! anong nagyari? anong bago mong url? :)


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