Monday, May 15, 2006

Belated Happy Birthday, Jon

Dear Me,

I am such a bad friend.
I forgot to greet a good friend a very
Happy Birthday last week.

Actually, I remembered his birthday 2-3 days before.
I told myself that I will greet him on the day itself.
Unfortunately, I forgot.

I am really sorry that I did.

I hope it isn't too late yet to greet you.
Allow me to share this with you.
It's a poem by
Susan Polis Schutz.

To My Dear Friend JON,
on Your Birthday,
I Have So Many Wishes for You

I wish for you to have
people to love
people in your life who will care about you
as much as I do

blue skies and clear days
exciting things to do
easy solutions to any problems
knowledge to make the right decisions
strength in your values
laughter and fun
goals to pursue
happiness in all that you do

My friend
I wish for you to have
beautiful experiences
each new day
as you follow
your dreams


  1. hey. no sweat. it's all good. thanks for remembering. at least you did. and, flattering naman. one whole entry just for me. hehehe... kelan ulit tayo mag EB ng dabarkads?

  2. jon, sowee talaga.
    guess i'm getting older.

    nga pala, yung photos last time
    eh i'll post it tonite or tomorrow.
    inform ko kayo.

    kelan ulet? set kaw. hehehe.
    organizer ka eh. =)

  3. that is such a sweet wish (the one to your friend).
    Anyway thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope that you get want you want in life. Good luck

  4. i_luv_lavender, hey, i love that color, too! Anyway, thanks for dropping by too.

    Hope you pass your exam. :)


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