Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Co. Outing

Dear Me,

This coming Saturday, we will be having our annual outing. It will be in a countryclub.

I saw the list of activities to be done and I found it less taxing than the past ones. On the contrary, it seem boring...for everyone.

It is supposed to be a group activity (well, we have a group activity actually: bowling & dining).

And as far as I know, such outings are held to forge and promote camaraderie amongst one another.

I am not yet sure if I'll go but in case I will, I will indulge myself in doing these two (2): playing squash and fishing. I miss playing squash and I want to learn how to fish.

So as not to be branded as a snob, I can invite my colleagues to play billiards, tennis, badminton or we'll pamper ourselves by having a Shiatsu or Swedish massage.

Does it sound boring to you?

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