Friday, May 12, 2006

Word Cloud

Dear Me,

I was browsing through
Jovee's blog and got curious about this word cloud thingie.

So what is a Word Cloud?

A Word Cloud is a visual depiction
of content (words) used in a body of text.
The word clouds we use at
are arranged alphabetically and depict more
frequently used words in progressively larger fonts.

One can actually create his/her own word cloud in 2 ways:

1. The Authors line uses classic
literary and historical texts to make
word clouds. Click on Authors to see
what/who we are currently featuring.

2. The Custom line uses your own personal
website to make word clouds. For Custom
word clouds, our software analyzes your
weblog and presents some of your most
frequently used words. You can edit
this list as much or as little as you
like, it's completely customizable.
If you have a weblog, click on
Custom and give it a try.

I utilized the latter and here is my own word cloud:


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  2. lil ak, thank you for dropping by. No, I am not using Adsense...


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