Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Milk Magic & Me

Dear Me,

It was early 2003 when some people I know (calling Kiko of PEx BBall) started calling me Meryll, as in Meryll Soriano. I had this short haircut then that resembled me with Willie Revillame's daughter. And of course, Meryll has been endorsing this product Milk Magic and for a while, her billboards were gracing the major freeways in the country.

It wasn't Mauve or Fran (as I am known amongst my PEx peers). It was Meryll.

Then I had my hair grown and had it cut again early 2004 or 2005.

My climbing buddies and I had just finished playing bowling in Coastal Mall. While walking outside the mall, Roy saw this product billboard of Meryll. Nobody from the group knew about this Meryll thing so I was so surprised when this bad boy-turned-good daddy called me Meryll.

No matter how I looked at her, what angle or pose, I really couldn't find one bit of resemblance between us.

milk magic model
For fun, I had this photo taken while buying some groceries. I know, we really don't look alike. I have long hair here.


  1. eto ang look-alike mo...

  2. gemma, look-alike ko? pagkaganda naman nyang girl na yan? hindi kami magkamukha promise. She's cute...Baka magwala yan pag nalaman nyang magkamukha kami...hehehe...=)


It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!