Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tenzing Norgay

Dear Me,

Do you know who is Tenzing Norgay (1914 - 1986)?

According to the National Geograpic Society Documents (in cooperation with the Royal Geographic Society) it was an expedition agreement (1953) that the team would not reveal to the public whovever reach the summit first... from the words of Col. John Hunt (the exploeration leader). "It was a team effort, they have reach the summit as a team."

A lot of controversies have arisen. However, in the dying hours of Tenzing Norgay, when asked who summitted first, he utterly said, "it was the Englishman. It was Hillary who first set foot at the top of the world."

"A little below the summit Hillary and I stopped. We looked up. Then we went on. The rope that joined us was thirty feet long, but I held most of it in loops in my hand, so that there was only about six feet between us. I was not thinking of "first" and "second." I did not say to myself "There is a golden apple up there. I will push Hillary aside and run for it." We went on slowly, steadily. And then we were there.
Hillary stepped on top first. And I stepped up after him."

(from the book,Tiger of the Snows, The Autobiography of Tenzing of Everest)

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