Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #5

Dear Me,

It's Thursday, so here's my Thursday habit. Unfortunately, I cannot think of any apt title for my T13.

Random 13s

  1. I watched the premiere showing of Superman Returns last Tuesday night at Robinson's Galleria. I wasn't really fond of DC comics turned big screen shows. But I sort of liked this one. Sorry, I will not divulge spoilers but there's a twist in the Superman tale. =)

    And by the way, I want to thank Ada for giving me 2 premiere tickets and to April, for handing me the tickets. =)

  2. It was 28 days ago when I was informed that I won a webphone as a prize. Last night, I was able to claim it in their Alabang office. Now, I can utilize my Skype account.

  3. Cebu Pacific Air is having another promo sale. Introducing the PhP99 Seat Sale! Selected domestic destinations for this flight fare sale are from Manila to Laoag, Butuan, Cotabato, Dipolog, Roxas, Zamboanga or from Cebu to Davao and vice versa. This is available from June 28 to July 6, 2006 only! Travel period is from July 15 to October 21, 2006.

  4. I have this old classmate from way back. He is engaged in the same activity as I am. He contacted me. I am thinking whether to even give him the idea that I am interested. Well, I know that there's another batchmate whom he can hook up with (about that activity). Problem is, that other guy is so arrogant & irritating. In fact, that other guy sealed my decision not to participate in a weekend activity. Goodness. Thinking about him makes me want to strangle him. Grrr...

  5. Office situation is so depressing. We have been requesting for the longest time to have a substantial increase in salary but to no avail. Minimum of 7.2%? Lucky if someone can even get 8%. Even our snack & dinner allowance (given when you render overtime) only increased by PhP20. So much for wasting time talking to them.

  6. Why does it happen all the time? One moment, I am very happy and laughing like a hyena and the next, I will be feeling sorry for myself, get insecure and pick a fight. I know that it's getting tiresome but I just cannot help myself.

  7. Yahoo! I will be claiming my converted mileages-to-free-flight-ticket from PAL tomorrow. This coming December, I am planning to visit Iloilo. I've never been there and it will be such a good, exciting experience. I started researching about this destination yesterday, right after booking my flight. In a month or two, I will be booking my return flight to Manila. Now, I am so excited. =)

  8. Bon voyage and good luck to our now-former-directors M & Y. M recently flew back to his country to take a new post after ending his 3-years term in the Philippines. Y, on the other end, bid the entire office goodbye a few hours ago. He will be flying back to his country at 2:00 in the afternoon today. Y resigned to take a new job in a private firm at his hometown. Both directors had been very nice and I wish them the best. =)

  9. Honestly, I sort of feel bad (for the 2nd time) for being accused of doing something which I had no intention of doing. I was merely trying to generate opinions and gathering facts so as to clarify and understand the matter at hand. Once and for all, I issued a general statement of what I had in mind. It was clarified and apology was thrown my way. Well, I understood him and I knew that during "these times", emotions run high...and wild. I felt slighted but I'm fine now.

  10. I'm enthusiastic about my activities this coming weekend. Except for doing the laundry, I am looking forward to sleeping in my old room. That means, I have to "re-design" the fixtures there to accommodate my old bed. =) Obviously, this "moving" up and about entails a lot of muscle and energy.

    This morning, my mom asked me to accompany her to Baywalk this coming Saturday. I told her that it's easy to go there. She insisted that I come with her since she has to be at their meeting place as early as 5:30 in the morning. Goodness! That means we have to leave the house even before the roosters start to crow. Anyway, I'll just jog around CCP while she does her thing there.

    If ever I finish everything and I still have a few hours before the weekend comes to a close, I am looking forward to visiting a zoo. Well, I can take my pick among the 3 known animal zoos in the metro.

  11. Belated happy birthday to Granny Jane and welcome to my Tita Neth (who just came back a mere 2 weeks ago from overseas). As usual, we had a family gathering wherein most of the attendees are Papa's siblings. I was able to see my cousins including their kids. I just realized that those kids are growing fast enough that by the time I have my own (if I will ever have one), they will be teen-agers already. Hehehe.

  12. I already finished watching both Season 3s of the US tv episode series, The OC and NCIS. In the OC, all 4 teeners will graduate and enjoy the last year of their student life at Newport.

    I thought Ryan will be dragged back to his old life when he joined Volchek in stealing that car. Seth? I wonder what's gonna happen to him in Season 4? In this season, I began to love Summer and she isn't that dumb, you know. She was able to show more of her character in this season, too. Marissa? This girl is a complete wreck, more like chronic I think. One time, she will be totally ok and the next, she is bringing everyone down with her. The season ended with a scene where Marissa is supposed to die. Will she really meet her tragic end in the Season 3 of the OC? Hmm.

    In NCIS, I felt bad that Special Agent Jethro Gibbs has given up his badge and post to Anthony Dinozzo. Not that I am against Tony taking the post, it's more like different when it's Gibbs doing the head-slapping and the popular Gibbs-stare. By the way, I am beginning to dislike Director Jenny Shepard's actions where Gibbs is concerned. Of course, they shared a romantic past but must their scenes be totally laden with verbal & gesture (sex)insunuations? It is not cute anymore and becoming irritating. Siva? The Mossad officer has captured my heart. She is admirable in her own way. I can't help it since the likes of her are the icons I mold myself into. =)

    Anyway, I am looking forward to the release of Season 4 of these 2 tv series.

  13. I need to tidy up all the "clutter" in my physical surroundings, the things around me and the thoughts inside my head.

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  1. free flights! yeay! good for you!
    my 13's up!

  2. wrigley, i'm excited actually. =)

  3. that's cool about the skype phone

  4. tess, I better appreciate that webphone...for a lot of things happened because of that...:)

    tagging your t13 in a while...

  5. I've been wanting to see that Superman movie. Heard it's really good! Happy T13!

  6. kailani, you better watch it. It's nice...=)

  7. Lucky you for winning a webphone! Thanks for visiting :-0)

  8. Too cool a TT..Very interesting. I didn't watch NCIS or OC this year. Looks like I missed a lot. I love to watch series. My hubby controls the remote most evenings.

    Hope you have an easy day!!
    Thanks for visiting my TT.

  9. sorry I didn't get round to your site more promptly! Thanks for visiting my TT:)

  10. Sorry my visits are running late but I wanted to thank you for visiting, and man what a list you have, you need that vacation.


  11. auntiem, sherri, happy mama to three, thank you all for dropping by..=)


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