Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Morning That Was

Dear Me,

I guess that the harrowing, exhausting three (3) working weeks is finally over. Work sucks but I have to bear and live with it. After all, it lightens up my load and paints a smile into my almost made-up poker face come payday.
I woke up late this morning, enjoying the serene comfort of my bed. But the moment I opened my eyes, my mind was being swamped with lots of stuff. Bummer.

So, I gave in and headed straight to the bath. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Mamu was not in the kitchen so I checked out what we had for breakfast. I smelled something yummy from the toaster. I found something mouth-watering and pop, it was gone, down to my mouth, to my esophagus, to my stomach. My brain and stomach were one in clamoring for a caffeine treat. From the thermos, I poured hot water in my favorite cup and douse it with a coffee mix. Mmmm. It was time to start the day.

Well, I really could not remember the sequence of what I did so here's the list: checked my brother's email account, let
The Dawn rocked the air (I love these guys), chatted with Mamu about my work, the office while she talked about her officemates, the things they do together and how much they will be missing everything once they retire, fed the dog, watched the birds making love (hehehe), lunch with Mamu, mopped the 2nd floor of the house, filled up the water tank (just plug in the motor and turn on the switch of the man tank), assisted Mamu with all the stuff she would be bringing to Cavite, took a bath, fixed the clutter in my room, had a verbal tiff with a friend over the phone, checked my email accounts, surfed the web, uploaded new photos, sms with papi, etc.

Yesterday, I was supposed to pick up my 2 premier tickets for the movie,
The Ant Bully. Unfortunately, something happened preventing me from going to Makati. Had I gotten those tickets, I would surely be out of the bed early and hitting Greenbelt at 11am to watch the premier showing of this movie (regular screening of The Ant Bully will be on August 2). By the way, I won those tickets. Ain't I lucky...again? *winks*


  1. You're lucky! You always win movie tickets. From PinoyExchange?

  2. john, nope it's not from PEx...somewhere else. =)


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