Monday, July 3, 2006

Rule of Eight

Dear Me,

Has it ever happened to you when moments of restlessness bug your mind when in truth you have a lot of things to do? Has it also happened to you when strings of anxiety prey on your nerves when in fact you want to focus on something and be productive once and for all? Well, I am feeling it right now and I can't help but wonder what is the matter with me.

To offset my mind from this agitated state, I thought of hopping to other people's blogs and check out what's new with them. Two (2) people tagged me from their blogroll. Let me answer the first one.

Rule of Eight: Write 8 facts/things/habits about yourself, saying who tagged you. In the end you need to choose the 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

I was tagged by Katz (one of the few Pinoywriter friends I have) and here's my eight:
  1. I am fervently wishing that I can see again the long, lost good people of my past life (not the past life from another world). As I said, the good people from the olden days. It warms my heart to see them and catch up with our already bygone days.

  2. I rarely watch Tagalog movies. Those films that make it to the big screen rarely make it worth the while to watch at all. I just hope that those small, indie films will make it BIG LOCALLY ON SCREEN rather than be first HIGHLY-ACCLAIMED OVERSEAS. It is so ironic that other nations first recognize our local talents rather from our own pool.

  3. I am wishing that time will come that I can do what I really want in my career. If given the chance and the right frame of mind, I would really like to be working outdoor or in a research think-tank. Hell, I even wish I can turn back time and had taken up engineering during my univ days.

  4. Chocolates and caffeine are my daily mood boosters. If I don't have both, something unpleasant is bound to happen within the day.

  5. I love watching Ai Ai delas Alas. Comedy or drama, she undoubtedly throws me into a laughing fit.

  6. I am not actually the type of girl who desire of having the bigger boobies (my cousins are very gifted). I'm more concerned about downsizing my tummy.

  7. I recently discovered that a lot of the people I know do not eat liver. Well, I do. I love eating cooked and half-cooked liver especially in my very own liver steak. =)

  8. I have this nasty habit of putting people in their place. In a certain situation, I tend to ignore it and try to shrug it off. But if it repeats itself at that instance and it's irking me, I give the doer the chance to redeem himself/herself. If that fails, I count 1-10 and if I reach 10 and it's still not done with, he/she can hear a mouthful from me.
I'm tagging people from my multiply page:

jeffer, joie, monica, vivian, marky and lovelle. =)

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