Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Attending A Seminar

Dear Me,

I did really request that I be allowed to attend seminars (since most of the time I am the one arranging/organizing them) and trainings outside the office to enhance my skills and knowledge. Trainings that concern my job and seminars that relate to what I do. Meaning, if I am in project management, I will be allowed to acquire new skills in project management or if I am in research, I should be attending trainings in various research techniques. Since I am back in project management, I requested that I also be allowed to attend seminars being attended by research staff (not actually pertaining to research style/techniques but more like topics on WTO, free trade agreements, tariff adjustments and other economic blah blah blahs) if and only if, I
don't have any ongoing project implementation projects (which are during the months of April, May, June and sometimes August).

I am not really asking a lot (do you think so?) since I am sure that I am not only the one benefiting from this. They can expect a much better, efficient, effective job from me from that. Besides, I usually get invitations or can search for seminars/trainings offered for free if they are worrying over the damned costs.

Funny that I am expected to attend this technical seminar next month and the bad thing is, it is way too technical. I already told TI about the pros and cons of attending this seminar. Based in the programme, I can only relate about the topic for an hour and the rest, I will only be listening to the mumbo-jumbo of technical jargons. Sheesh. Some people can be so outrightly literal. People! I want to attend a seminar where I can definitely relate and learn something. I am not an engineering person. It will take me months to learn your terms and be able to explain it well.

To cut the chase, I will still be attending it.

Now, I am working with Google to look for those jargons buzzing in my ears. Bummer.


  1. ngek. ano ba yan? pero baka gusto nilang gawing IT person jan, promotion yun :D

  2. [jary] - the word promotion here is non-existent.

  3. i feel like attending seminar is like studying... maybe it is kinda fun to gain some fresh kowledge by attending seminar. same goes to studies. now i wish i can attend some other classes to gain more knowledge rather than doing the same thing everyday

  4. [jerine] - i look forward in attending seminars because it's always satisfying to learn new things...gaining more knowledge, so to speak...

  5. yup, pero mahirap kung nde ka makarelate sa topic, ala ka ring mage-gain, heheheh

  6. [jawee] - you're right. ayan, i have to make my own research. chaka!


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