Monday, August 14, 2006

Samut Sari

Dear Me,

I was at home last Saturday, minding my own stuff. Mamu just left the house at around 3:45pm to visit my dad in Cavite. We have a couple of small houses there and he's currently renovating the one they will be living in once mamu retires. They prefer to live in the countryside once they reach their 60s.

It was a good thing I logged out from using the internet. Mamu called around 4pm and that she was in a small hospital nearby. She had an accident. This bastard of a tricycle driver who was out of way and trying to beat the green light bumped her. My mom's voice over the phone was close to tears. I went numb all over and felt guilty of everything. I should have accompanied her.

I wasn't looking good when I went out of the house. I got my atm, some cash and a key and rushed to the hospital. My mom was in a wheelchair and she was just as glad to see me. She had been x-rayed and that stupid bastard was there. I gave him a dagger look instead of opening my mouth. I would have hit him with my hand should he attempted to reason out. Mamu was shaking with tension, fear and pain. I was so worried for her because her blood pressure shot up and I had to calm her or else something bad was gonna happen.

It was an accident and I first listened to what the police guy said since he witnessed the whole thing. It was the jerk's fault and that was the time I spoke.

To cut the story short, we will be getting the x-ray official results this afternoon at 4pm. I took a leave from the office today to care for my mother since she would be alone had I report for work. My sister is at work and my brother doesn't live with us during weekdays. He volunteered to stay home but I told him we can manage. Papa, on the other hand, has no idea of whatsoever is happening. Mamu declined to let him know since he has hypertension and his blood pressure was the type that easily spikes up when he hears unpleasant news. We have to keep it a secret to prevent him from having another heart attack. He already had a mild one before and risking it will be so stupid.

Anyway, she looks better now and I hope that the results will yield no permanent damage to her legs.


Since Mamu was not able to visit Papa yesterday, I volunteered to visit him. I had planned for the longest time to shop for groceries for him and I took the opportunity yesterday. Since my two (2) siblings and my brother's caring girlfriend were at home, I left mamu in their care. I was supposed to go alone but my bf volunteered wholeheartedly to accompany me. I was really glad and thankful he was there and with me the whole time. We left home at around 11am and took a bus to SM Bacoor where we did the grocery thing. We first took lunch at Lydia's Lechon and went straight to the supermarket. Papi pushed the cart while I dropped things in it: pork, chicken, hotdog, bacon, veggies, canned goods, condiments, etc. I couldn't remember what time we left the mall but it was such a long ride to Tanza. From the mall, we took this non-airconed mini-bus to Tanza. I wanted to take the airconed Saulog bus but we had to walk farther and it was raining. We couldn't open the umbrella because our arms were fully-loaded. So we did ride in the mini-bus. A long ride and my ass was complaining. Hehehe. We reached the intersection, boarded off and took another jeepney ride to Bagtas. Papi requested the driver to drop us off to our destination since we really had no idea where it was. Reaching our destination, we took a trike tht would bring us to our small house in Cavite. We reached the place at 4pm.

It was good to see Papa after a long time. He was really busy. Well, we chatted and talked about a lot of various stuff. After an hour, I told him we had to leave because of the weather. We took a van from the intersection that would directly bring us to Lawton. We got off at United Nations and had dinner at Jollibee. Since I was still full, I just ordered their sweet spaghetti. Hehehe. Papi ordered this chicken meal wherein the chicken was swimming in a sweet-looking mixture, whatever it is.

Since it would be another working day on Monday, we agreed to separate ways. He accompanied me till the tops steps of the LRT station in UN. After which, he crossed the street on the opposite side and rode a bus that would bring him back to his humble abode in Paranaque. I, on the other hand, got off at the last terminal in Monumento and took a jeepney ride and a trike to my place. I was home, I guessed, around 9pm.

Well, well, well. I have to sign off for now. I need to take a bath and be prepared to leave the house by 4pm with mamu. Please God, make everything ok for us. Amen.


  1. ay. get well soon to your mom. buti di tinakasan nung lokong tricycle driver.

  2. grabe! my mom had the same experience. single motor naman yung nakabangga sa kanya. buti nga at di rin kami tinakasan nung nakabunggo, takot din siguro yun kasi maraming nakakita. haay naku, mga kaskasero talaga.. get well to your mom, hope na wala namang fracture sa kanya

  3. hullo sa inyo 2. Mamu is kinda fine na. Good thing that she didn't acquire any fractures/broken bones. She is scurrently resting at home, kaya na niya mag-isa sa house. 2 days din ako nag-leave.

  4. oh gosh...i hope your mom is ok by now. nowadays...those inconsiderate road users are everywhere. hope they learn a lesson someday...poor innocent people.

  5. Ivan, So sorry to hear about your mom's accident. She is lucky that you were there for her. Good daughter...I hope and pray that things will be for the best from now on. God Bless. Tita Vicks

  6. [jerine, ma'am vicks] - my mom is already ok. she can walk just fine. her x-ray results revealed no fracture or any long-term bad effects.

    the driver was apologetic and i think he wasn't the usual type of reckless drivers.

    i thank God for hearing my prayers and still making things look good for us.

    thanks for your concern, peepz.


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