Thursday, August 3, 2006

Street Shots

Dear Me,

On way back to the office and nothing to do in the company car, I decided to take some shots through my digicam.

makati makati


  1. uy. ganda ng Makati. ang linis tignan. :)

  2. Jon, di ba ganyan kalinis sa Ortigas o Libis kaya? Hehehe.

  3. Libis? dugyot dito. hehehe.. joke. baka habulin ako ng mga taga-libis o eastwood. hehehe... hay naku. i'm looking for my college-old SLR camera. i wanna shoot photos again just like the old days. hmm... when i get it back, i'm gonna take some. :)

  4. Makati looks very good in the picture- very clean- did they bring back those "sweeping ladies?"
    i tagged you ivan check my 'people' site. have a good weekend-beautiful weather here in queensland Aus
    ate vicks

  5. jon, pag nakita mo yang cam mo ulet, tara punta tyo somewhere tpos shoot-shoot lang..siempre sama natin ang barkada at mga gf nyo...hehehe.

    tita vicks, makati lgu is very aggressive in making the city clean. after all, it is the metro's main financial & business district. =) about the tag, will check your site in a while..:)

  6. uy i like that idea. i became interested in photo-shooting in college. may compliment kase ako sa photography instructor namin. may "mata" raw ako sa framing. hehehe... will let you know.

  7. philippine looks interesting. i love the photo on bottom left. love the skies...and the tall buildings..

  8. uy, sama ako jan! :D

  9. [jon] - sige, let me know when find it. yee, excited na ko. =)

    [jerine] - why don't you visit the Philipines someday? I will tour you myself..=)

    [gabriela] - oh, thank you.

    [jary] - sure, sure! you're invited, of course. hehehe.


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