Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #7

Dear Me,

It's been a long time since I've done the usual
Thursday Thirteen.

Thirteen TV Series I Love To Watch

  1. HOUSE - When I was a little girl and till my high school years, I dreamed of being a doctor. I love Dr. Gregory House and his sarcasm and he's really good. Another reason I love to watch the series is because I love to see and hear the voice of Dr. Chase. Hehehe. Figure it out.

  2. CRIMINAL MINDS - Blame it on my childhood affixation about FBI stories. I recently got hooked watching the 1st season. I really admire Special Agents Gideon and Hotchner. Of course, the same goes for the rest of the team. =)

  3. THE O.C. - This one is too high-schooler for me but I am just drawn too much into curiosity about the life of Ryan Atwood as he lives and fits in to the world of the Newpsies.

  4. THE CLOSER - Contrary to what papi said, I wasn't interested about such term as 'girl power.' That is so not in anymore, you know. I just love how Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson commands and handles her people in LAPD.

  5. CSI MIAMI - Just like my childhood liking for the FBI ways, I am also drawn to lab works, investigations done by CSIs. Okay, it was also Horatio Caine and his orange hair that got me hooked with the beauty of Miami, Florida. =)

  6. VERONICA MARS - I wasn't actually supposed to watch this but I was engaged. Veronica is not your typical high school student who delves into other people's lives without a reason.

  7. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES - Let us say I was wondering about the Hows and Whats of housewives. Well, I got a lot of answers. Hehehe.

  8. 24 - Do I have to explain Jack Bauer? =)

  9. NCIS - It's CSI to the military naval forces, led by the unyielding Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. I miss Katie and Denozzo is really funny.

  10. NUMB3RS - It's FBI stuff again + your mathematical equations.

  11. CHARMED - I am fascinated about supernatural beings, about magic. Is that the kid in me? Long ago, I was asked what would I like to be if I wasn't human or entirely human? I said that I wanted to be either a vampire or a witch. =)

  12. LAS VEGAS - I am not really a fan of the high-class betting or betting in general but this series made it interesting for me to learn a few things about the trade. Besides, it was certainly a pleasure to follow the lives of each character in the show. Ed Deline is a favorite. =)

  13. CSI NEW YORK - Good thing that the series changed its 'theme color' such as the strict, professional blue. Now, I love it even more just like the other CSI.

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  1. Nagri-rent ka ba o bumibili ka ng bago?

  2. The thing I am not liking about tv lately is there are too many repeats and not enough new episodes of the good shows -- and you have listed some really good ones!

    My Thursday Thirteen is up!

    Happy Thursday!

  3. I like Numb3rs too - it's such a great show!

    My TT #4 is up

  4. I LOVE these-especially The Closer and Veronica Mars (love me some Logan :)

  5. I haven't been watching tv lately...except when it's time for Rockstar: Supernova. hehehe. Many people say it's rigged but I don't care. I just want to watch and listen to the rockers!

  6. Almost all the shows I watch. Great list. Cheers.

  7. great shows! especially HOUSE! love it love it! love it!

    i'll try to blog about your tag, k.

  8. Love House, Charmed, and the Closer!

  9. [to everyone] - hello guys! thanks for popping by...I became a tv series addict because of my bf...hehehe. I rarely watch tv actually (except for the late evening news) but the series are just hard to ignore...hehehe. =)


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