Friday, September 22, 2006

Heaven 'N Eggs

Dear Me,

I have been longing to dine at this heavenly yet homey resto at Glorietta. Well, fairy godfather aka papi dex made my wish come true. He treated me to dinner at
Heaven 'N Eggs. Unfortunately, I didn't like the taste of what I ordered. Sayang.

Anyway, I liked the area where I sat. There was this small birdhouse behind my back. Hehehe. Guess what my dear honey did? He took photos of me whether I was aware or not. He used his mobile phone camera to take the shots and amazingly, the turn-out was good. Parang I like to have that kind of phone na....Hehehe.

pa-cute si moi

can you see that my eyes are 'duling'? =)


  1. What was the food that you ordered that you didn't like at Heaven n Eggs? It's one of the family's favorite restaurants. Maybe we could stay away from that item in the menu as well. Hehehehe!

    Nice blog you have here :) pretty cool!

  2. oo nga it turn out good, masaya ang dating, sana magkaroon din ako ng mobile phone na may ganyan kagandang quality.

  3. mommyba, i ordered the omelette. i was a little full when we dined there because i attended a small party previously. but then, i juat didn't like its taste.

    thanks. =)

    iskoo, sony ericsson yung phone nya. i forgot what model nga lang. =)


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