Friday, November 3, 2006

Pictures From Her World

Dear Me,

I am really having fun surfing BE. Why? Because I get to see and read different kinds of blogs owned and written by interesting people from all over.

Just like her.

In BE, there's this so-called Rent-My-Blog thingie. Basically, it's a site where its members can source out additional online traffic to their blogs. I did not actually register to this site just because I want other people to read the nonsense I scribble in my blog; more so, get a lot of hits from their visits. I was more interested then in learning about other people far from my world, different from my very own. It's human interest that got me hooked at BE.

But of course, allow me not to be a hypocrite. I love the hits and it's fun to know that other people take time to read and even share their own perspectives and reactions to what I pen here.

Trying not to stray away from the topic, I would just like to thank
Bozette from Pictures From My World for her blog entry when I rented her space.

I simply adore that "photo" (is it because my face is there? hehehe) she included in that entry. See the header? Bozette placed two (2) images that I hold significant in my life - a book and a coffee mug. =) Isn't that cool?


  1. Hehe...akala ko nagbago ka na ng template ng makita ko ang photo ng website mo sa :)

  2. [john] - Nope. It was Bozette who made it. =)

  3. Thank You for the shout out.
    I placed the book and Coffee mug there because I read you liked them as much as I do. I just love coffee and reading.

  4. [bozette] - thank you, my dear. I really love them. It's nice to meet people who share the same passion as I do.. =)


It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!