Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 Company Christmas Party

Dear Me,

Company Christmas Party was held 4th week of December at Queens Crystal Garden Restaurant located at Jupiter Street in Makati City.

Typical party, we had games, booze, food, singing, chanting, laughter, chatter plus Kodak-an moments. It was an enjoyable evening despite something lacking in the air. Games were played like pin the donkey's tail, maria went to town (with the twist), roll that egg with the eggplant, so-called basketball shooting game, etc. Indian food as the theme of the resto was also served. I didn't actually like the food served. I guessed one must like Indian food to appreciate them. We also had videoke and to totally invigorate the night, a demo of how the song Boom Tarat Tarat can be danced was shown. In the course of the night, everybody was dancing to the Wowowee hit craze. Drinks were also served - wine, beer, softdrinks, juice. Your pick. Exchange gifts and raffle draws were also done to excite everyone. I could hear how happy everyone was judging from the laughter and guffaws in the air.

To be honest, by far, this was the most exciting holiday party I had with the company. Despite the complaints of others about the lack of monetary and in-kind giveaways in the raffle, I still preferred this party over the others. I could feel the real fun and camaraderie with the rest of the group.

To tell you more about the resto, Queens is an Indian restaurant located along Jupiter Street (as mentioned). Designed as spacious and elegant, the resto gave me quite an impression. Grand, in fact.

A very attentive and pleasant doorman will be ready to open and hold the doors for you when you enter. The ambiance inside creates a grand feeling with its high ceiling and soft yellow light. The entire space was conveniently designed with lower and upper dining area. Sharing space with the lower dining area is a mini bar, mess kitchen and corner restrooms. On the other hand, the upper dining area can be converted to a cocktail room or probably a small dancing ballroom (as I see it).

The place may sound typical but aside from the descript above, the area bespeaks of its place of origin - framed photos of their gods, especially the reincarnated elephant deity and also soothing Indian music that relaxes would-be-diners.

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