Friday, December 8, 2006

Disgusting Diether

Dear Me,

When I was in my teens a few years back (hehehe...), I was never your star-struck, dreamy-eyed kind of teen-ager/fan. I didn't see anything to idolize in the new faces from tinseltown. Okay, allow me to admit the hunka-baby and papa-ble Piolo Pascual. If he also fits the bill, add Mark Nelson in my list. Only these two (2) hunks will make me scream (that's exaggerated). But mind you, only Mark Nelson can make me forget who and what I am. I mean, I can crash on him (if he is alone ha?!) and have our photo taken together. Yeah, star-struck! Hahaha.

My point is: I never like The Hung-Hunks, este The Hunks. They're no idols to their fans (I guess). Can you believe Bernard Palanca stripping his shirt off and be disappointed to see his thin top? Yikes. He is (probably was) so thin. What about Diether? Honestly, he looks handsome. But nowadays, I find him dirty. I don't give an ounce of care about Echo. Papa Piolo, I like you (like you as a friend). Hehehe. Biased.

Who is disgusting? Yeah, --------> him.

I almost puked when I turned the morning paper and saw this photo. I even saw the one where he was looking at the camera. To be published in January 2007 for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in their advocacy that animal zoos are bad, Diether will pose fully-naked (some say it's partial) in print adverstisements.

The title of the campaign: "Confined, Sad and Lonely (Don't Go To The Zoo)."

Naked Truth: Animals Don't Belong In Zoos? What animal(s)? That behind the board (carrying the tagline) you're holding? Yeah, yeah. I got the part about the open zebra-striped box and the board carrying the tagline. Maybe the naked part, too. But to be totally-naked and very provocative (in public)?

I understand the cause PETA wants to convey to the public and I agree to some of their points. I agree that animals should be treated fairly and not with cruelty. I also agree that they should not be kept in captivity, especially if they are endangered species; that they should be returned to the wild, to their sanctuaries.

As a kid, I love going to the zoo (even now that I am older). I learned about animals because I see them for real. I learned about the good things about them and that I should know how to treat them nice. I learned what sounds each animals make and what they eat or how they care for their young. Believe me, the zoo is a great place for kids to learn about these wonderful creatures.

As much as I want to join their cause, I am just being a hypocrite to absolutely declare that I am in harmony with their views and opinions. Think about it for a minute.

What better way to assist these animals is for PETA and the other animal rights' group to bolster their campaign to save these animals from maltreatment and danger. They can probably do these by actively coordinating with the government and other agencies in crafting laws/regulations that will protect these animals. Existing or not, these laws should be fully implemented and enforced. It is up to them to see that and up to us (the public) to support. That's one in helping their cause.

Another will be for PETA to coordinate and have a deal with these animal zoos. Owners of these private zoos should understand the implications of what they are doing to these animals. It is up to PETA and their likes to inform and educate. But of course, most of owners established their zoos because of their love for animals of the wild. They know what is good and what's not for their pets. The thing to worry are those zoo owners who are only after the money, the profit.

Boycotting kids and the public not to go to the zoo is asking a lot. It is too much and having Diether to undress his pants will not help their cause. Did they (the minds behind this ad) think for a minute that people would think the way they do? They will truly grab people's attention with that ad (because Diether is naked) but trying to get their message across? I doubt that.

They will only rake controversy amongst kid's parents, the government's media regulator and probably a quarter (?) of the public.

PS. I am not bashing Diet. For anyone who loves Diether, I am just after his current ad. So, chill out.

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