Sunday, December 31, 2006

Holiday Movies From Not So Long Ago

Dear Me,

Since it is the holiday season, watching the telly plus dvd is a must. After all, this season means vacation and vacation means resting. Yup, resting in the sofa watching the telly with the dvd player switched on and munching anything munch-able. Hehehe.

The thing is I really have lots of movies to watch (in dvd). I just thought of making this particular list should I be able to free my skeds of anything at all. Most of the movies listed below are from way back and probably don't ring a bell.

(1) Home Alone
This was the movie that brought the cute kid Macaulay Culkin to stardom. It was about 2 house robbers trying to rob a house during Christmas and a kid left alone at home, having an adventure of preventing the villains from taking their loot.

(2) Falling In Love
Cupid in December? He probably shoot the love arrow by mistake. Robert De Niro and Meryll Streep exchanged holiday shopping bags by accident leading them to a forbidden romance since both of them were separately married and had happy families.

(3) Gremlins
The movie starred Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Gizmo (the pet that multiplied into gremlins because some rules were broken). This movie was released in 1984 and produced by none other than, Steven Spielberg.

(4) Die Hard and Die Hard 2
With Bruce Willis in the title-role, it would be expected that this film would be action-packed. As John McClane, Willis played a cop who commonly dealt with his wife and terrorists in both movies.

(5) Eyes Wide Shut
A 1999 movie starring the ex-couple, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

(6) Picking Up and Dropping Off
A romantic comedy featuring Scott Wolf and Amanda Detmer in the mercy of love. Hehehe. I guess this one is just a show in foreign telly.

Except for Home Alone and the 2 Die Hard movies, I haven't watched the rest. I promise I will watch them once I find copies (VCD or DVD).

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