Saturday, January 13, 2007

Freebie 2

Dear Me,

It was during the last week of December when I got this text message from my mobile phone. It said congratulations and that I won something for myself - a PhP500 worth of Gift Certificate from Philosophy Spa or Mikaela Salon.

At first, I thought it was a hoax. It was not. I scrolled all the way down and learned that I won the gc c/o
PEP Christmas Ball Promo. I remembered taking that online promo due to boredom at work. I was surfing through blogs and found the Philippine Entertainment Portal link. I thought why not try it out. So I did. I never thought for a second about winning. Hehehe. I must be lucky. =)

It was January 2nd when I claimed it. My brother and his girlfriend were in the area so I asked them to meet me at Robinson's Galleria Mall. We went to the Summit Media office and looked for Ms. Sharlyn Kaw (whom I didn't expect to be that friendly...hehehe).

Now, I am thinking of either giving this to Mamu, my sister or to Jeff's gf. Hmm.

After claiming my prize, I told them that they were in a snack treat from me if they would accompany me one more time. I needed to make triplicate copies of our door key so hunting Mr. Quickie would do the trick.

After getting the new set of keys, I asked them where would they want to dine. The two (2) lovebirds wanted Krispy Kreme but Jon told me that there wasn't a KK store in the mall. Too bad.

Anyway, we landed at Pizza Hut and ordered a platter of calamari, family-size Sausage Stuffed Crust Super Supreme Pizza and three (3) glasses of bottomless iced tea.

jepoy & ayin

It was supposed to be a snack treat but with our stomachs full, I guessed we already took dinner. My brother kept on complaining how full he was. =)

I left them at the mall when the clock ticked 6:00 in the evening. I had to meet papi at Makati since he was bound to leave for Cebu the next day.

Anyway, that's all folks!


  1. Isn't it so sad that sometimes we enter contests like these, never actually expecting to win? Lucky for you that you won and didn't trash it before cashing it in!

    Sorry I couldn't accept your bid this week but I do hope you visit and bid again!:)

  2. Congratulations for winning the PEP promo. Keep on surfing =)

  3. So have you gone to Philosophy yet? :D


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