Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #14

Dear Me,

Here comes another Thursday 13 for me!

13 Things To Do
To Pretend You Are Busy At Work

(1) Arrange your desk twice a day by placing all the paperwork you have and sorting it. Make noise and get noticed that you are working.

(2) Open a large document, put your hands up to your head so nobody can see your eyes and go asleep. Don't make noise or it will be noticed that you are asleep.

(3) Frequent the coffee machine every hour.

(4) Frequent the toilets as much as possible.

(5) Print-out documents and frequent the printer every hour.

(6) Pretend to read the above documents as if you are interested in the content.

(7) Browse the world wide web.

(8) Check your inbox and reply to any that you have every 5 minutes.

(9) Get more coffee to help you think.

(10) Check the printer and pretend that there should be stuff there for you and shout "Blasted printer!"

(11) Put on your favourite CD so you can't hear other people working beside you.

(12) Fix the height of your swivel chair.

(13) Pretend to look for things in your drawer.

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  1. Sounds good to us. Always nice to learn new things. Happy TT.
    Samantha, Tigger and MOm

  2. Great list! I love it - LOL!

  3. These are great... I do some of them!! (the checking and replying to email and surfing ones). Once I also fell asleep pretending to read! whee!

  4. Too funny... sounds like you've some experience avoiding work! ;-) Just kidding! Thanks for the comment on my TT!

  5. hey ivan... kamusta?! invading your blogspot hehe di nakuntento sa multiply at friendster hehehe

  6. Unfortunately, mukhang kulang pa ito. Seems like if you have nothing to d at work, the time passes by ever so slowly!

  7. [t13ners] - thanks for visiting & commenting. till the next t13. =)

    [jamie] - i'm doing fine maliban sa morning sickness na di pang-morning lang. musta?

    [patrice] - been a long time no? how are you na? nag-resign na ko sa work. hehehe.


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