Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

To My Dear Beloved Philippines and countrymen,

Allow me to share this editorial from the
Manila Bulletin in celebration of our 109th Independence Day this June 12th.

Today marks the 109th year of the proclamation of Philippine independence, a day we can proudly tell the world that we have developed democracy and competence.

It is also the time for increased sense of civic-spiritedness and patriotism, love of country, and love for one's countrymen, which should be manifested by the participation of every Filipino in nation-building.

Filipinos have made their mark as an optimistic race, with a positive disposition despite difficulties and uncertainties. Thus, in spite of being confronted with crisis, the Filipinos would never be put down but would always find a way to resolve the problem.

This character of the Filipinos is reflected in our social institutions, from the family, to the Catholic Church and other religious congregations, to the increasingly inclusive and responsive political institution - the government.

Being independent also means being in charge of one's destiny, working endlessly for the common welfare, instead of blaming others for our lack of progress. We should work together in unity and harmony, set aside our past and resolve the differences through forgiveness and a resolution to think of our country before ourselves. This way we will be better off than we are and more humane in our dealings towards the greater Filipino community.

As we commemorate the 109th year of Philippine independence, let us work together for our country, our economy, and our society. Let us join hands as a unified people to move the country forward.

Itaas ang bandilang Pilipino! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Some people may tend to question if we really are free and independent from whatever form of bondage. Some will also make accusations, point a finger, rant about not being free from anything. There is only one thing I can say: Think and analyze before you speak of anything. Have you done an ounce of something to prove your point otherwise? Stop complaining and act.

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