Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Hobbies

Dear Me,

Honestly, I am getting bored here at the house. Despite doing the routine household chores 24 hours a day, it seems that I still have more spare time than ever. Besides, I feel like I am getting dumb day by day. I am running out of books to read, too. *sigh*

Anyway, I was having breakfast when the thought struck me. Why not engage in a new hobby? I have a number of things in mind but these are the ones that interest me.

  • learn the basics of making bead accessories
  • learn the basics of scrapbooking
  • try new recipes
  • study photoshop

I am still in the process of gathering info over the internet about these things. Can anyone suggests a good site/s where I can learn more about each topic? Tips would also be welcome. I would really appreciate the help. =)


  1. beadaholic in paranaque offers teaching beadworks. di ko lang alam how much.

  2. [jary] - yup, i saw the one you're referring to. i bought some items sa quiapo and they have a business card offering bead classes. but it's kinda far...:) i'll try it on my own first.


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