Friday, July 20, 2007

Bed Companion

Dear Me,

Lately, I have been sleeping solo in my bed at night. Hubby had to take an overnight work in a "prestigious" client's company. Hmp.

Sometimes, I feel so bad about it but what can I do? He is the only one earning our keep at the moment and with our baby on the way, I have to think and feel otherwise. Being home alone 24 hours a day and pregnant at that, I sometimes feel neglected and jealous. Hahaha. But of course, I have to think with maturity. I have to be understanding.

Being pregnant gives me the excuse to be sensitive but it doesn't mean that I have the right to accuse my hubby of being with someone else. Hehehe. =) I know he is not doing that thing. It's just my jealous hormones working overtime. I know he loves me and always makes me feel that he does.

Anyway, these two (2) cute, soft, huggable stuff have been keeping me at peace at night. Hugging
Fishy & Dexter gives me the solace to slumber alone in our bed with a happy smile in my face.


  1. congratulations on your pregnancy. at some point, i felt the same way you did when i was pregnant. i heard the same sentiment from other women.

  2. Hi,

    A lot of women would like to be on your shoe. First you are blessed to have a baby soon, second you have time and I mean precious time on your hand rather than spending 8 hours working and all the stress. Enjoy the blessing! you're blessed.

  3. [evi] - thanks a lot. :) it's hard for a first time but i'm enjoying it.

    [spiderman] - i think you are right. thanks for reminding me. sometimes, i tend to forget. hehehe.


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