Friday, August 17, 2007

Coffee Lover

Dear Me,

My caffeine deprivation is taking its toll on me. The aroma is driving me insane. If not only for the baby's health, I am absolutely lying through my teeth about sneaking out coffee granules just to satisfy my thirst for a caffeine kick.

I really promise myself that right after I get out of the hospital after the delivery, I will have that cup of joe no matter what. All hell will break loose if someone stop me. Hehehe! *evil grin*

So, does anyone would love to have coffee with me soon? =)



  1. my partner's daughter gave me some mini filter coffee things that hang over the cup and you pour hot water in them, she got them on a Cathay Pacific plane.

    they are the best. coffee. ever!! the aroma and taste were better than any shop bought americano anywhere...

    ooops, sorry, must be making you even hungrier for coffee now ;-p

    love dat coffee!

  2. [andy] - aha! that's a coffee tease...less than 2 months, i'll be having my steaming, black coffee..=)


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