Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Dear Me,

Who wants to immigrate to either Canada, New Zealand or Australia?

I do and so does my family. Who wouldn't? These countries have been perceived to provide a high quality of living amongst Pinoy families out there. The lure of a good life is never lost to any Pinoy soul. Always looking for a greener pasture not only for one's self but for the entire family.

I think it was 3-4 years ago when I contemplated doing this (more on the skilled workers' category). A lot of the people I know were pushing for the materialization of this goal. Some of them failed and tried again, again and again. Others were so lucky that their hardships and frustrations during the process then were now screaming with joy upon knowing that their application was recently approved. Still, there were others who disregarded the fact that they failed and had to try again but totally gave up.

I may probably be in category 3 but I didn't think I gave up completely. I wasn't just as focused and serious about leaving. I was single and despite minor setbacks, I was having the greatest time of my life.

Then, I found a soulmate, got married and now starting our very own family.

I considered working in Singapore when my hubby applied there and got accepted. Unfortunately, some priorities got in conflict and the Singapore plan had to be postponed.

I do not know if he will still push through with Singapore next year. I guessed he was more interested in pursuing Canada. Either way, I'll be there for him (and with him...hehehe. Siempre sasama ako noh?) Meantime, I'll just research (again) about the immigration process(es). Then maybe, just maybe, I can start filing papers for application. Hehehe.

Any tips? =)

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