Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rainy Day

Dear Me,

Today isn't like any other sunny, sweaty day. Since yesterday, the heavens never stopped from crying buckets. Last night, it was kinda scary. The type that gave me the jitters. You see, the rains were nonstop and the wind kept howling like crazy. Hearing it pounded my chest. I wished it would stop.

But then, I felt we needed the change. I mean, the pouring rain. Our water supply was already at its critical level and concerned officials said that we need to get wet. I know. In fact, the ill effects are already being felt here in the metropolis - low water pressure and by August 15th, water supply will be cut for hours. Imagine with limited or no water supply at all? What a way to live then.

I do welcome the rain and its intensity less the scary wind. I just wish that the people I care about are already inside the safety of our home when the heavens start to frown. Hmm.

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