Thursday, August 2, 2007


Dear Me,

I'm still not feeling well. It was last Thursday when I started having the dry cough. Late Friday afternoon, I was down in bed, curled up and wanting the world to leave me alone. You see, I was feeling heavy, experiencing sore muscle and joints. Later on, my mom arrived and told me that I got fever. I was supposed to cook dinner but I texted everybody to just dine out since I couldn't move without hurting myself.

It was my mom who cooked dinner for me. A vermicelli soup and a cheesecake. You would think it was kinda weird but I liked the combination. =)

And because I am pregnant, I cannot drink any medication. My only solution then was to drink unsweetened pineapple juice, which was what I've been drinking since I was single everytime I would be down with a bug. I wasn't really a "drug-swallower" everytime I got sick.

My hubby consulted with a nurse friend (she is the same age as he is and works in the hospital where I have my ob check-ups) and who already had 3 kids of her own about my condition. He was told that I could take Biogesic, which was the safest medication a pregnant woman could take. Of course, my mom said no. Hehehe. I could already sensed the tension between the 2 of them. Anyway, he was able to convince my mom and I told myself that I would only take one. Well, my fever (from 39 degree C went down to 38) subsided for a while.

My mom, used to taking care of sick kids (my sister particularly), kept on feeding me. I was actually complaining because I wouldn't want to eat a lot since I was having a hard time sleeping at night. Everytime I lie down in bed, I experience this heartburn. It's like acid or bile rising up from my stomach to my throat, blocking my airways. The bad thing was: even I was seated, I could still feel it, making it harder for me to fall into slumber.

I also discovered that I shouldn't drink pineapple juice before going to bed because it facilitated my heartburn.

Anyway, it was only Sunday that I felt a little better. I was able to get up and out of the room and move about. I was even able to cook dinner - tinolang manok.

Despite the afternoon rains, I still feel hot and sweaty. That was why I got the dry cough in the first place. This was the 2nd time that I got sick ever since I got pregnant. The first one was last June and strange as it was, it also happened during the last Thursday of the month.

Well, I still have the cough but I hope it will subside soon.


  1. knorr chicken noodle soup works! cough, cold, fever... no aircon, electric fan while eating, makes you sweat like hell, when you had enough of the sticky armpit, get a cold towel with a bit of alcohol, rub and dump, change clothes then hit the bed with a book or tv...

    worked with she and baby paw.

    ask your OB, they know better, get all useful info from the P350 you're paying every check up hehe...para di lugi...

  2. [roy] - i'm doing fine na. wow! speaking from experience ba....

    we will be having our check-up tomorrow. =)

    regards to She and Paw. =)


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