Monday, August 6, 2007

Simpsonize Moi!

Dear Me,

I was never a fan of the successful, long-running animated US tv sitcom,
The Simpsons. I just hated then the nonsense that came out of their mouths. I thought then, too, that they sounded stupid.

I think I have "mellowed" down, so to speak. When I saw the trailer of the
movie for this year, I urged my hubby to watch the film. I never thought I would even come close to liking it.

Hubby has some collections of dvd episodes and I started watching it. Goodness! I couldn't stop myself from laughing so hard that I almost cried. *toinks* Bart and Homer are outrageously hilarious! I really had a good laugh.

Anyway, I created my own Simpsons character for fun.

ivan girl simpsons

To create your own, more like to Simpsonize yourself, visit the official Simpsons Movie website and register a free account.

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