Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Household Chores

Dear Me,

  • As usual, the washing machine is humming again. My dirty laundry are all scattered in the floor, waiting for their chance to be thrown in the machine. With that enormous heap, I guess I have to load them all in three (3) batches.

    To think that I still have to do some hand-washing... I wonder what time I will be done with this chore. Hmm.

  • Contemplating about time, I also wonder if I can even cook sinigang for dinner. I am craving for some sour soup tonight. Oh, shoot! I still have to go to the nearby supermarket to buy the vegetable ingredients. Bummer.

  • Once the dirty laundry are all hauled in the washing machine, I still have to mop the floor. Well, I have already mopped the other part of the house (2nd floor) this morning. I thought of delaying mopping the 3rd floor since I've been going in and out of the open space where the laundry-washing is being done. If I can't do this today, tomorrow will be fine.

  • Definitely, I will be scrubbing clean our bathroom tomorrow.

  • All talk about household chores? When you're a wife and a housewife (this will only be temporary status), you have to do things that you haven't been doing before. Besides, being in front of the laptop the entire day is such a boring way to spend the whole 12 hours while the husband is away. There are other alternatives such as reading a good book, watching the boobtube or engaging in a dvd marathon but there are moments that your body is looking for a more energetic way to while the hours.

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