Monday, September 10, 2007

Veggies & Fruities

Dear Me,

It is funny how pregnancy can change your eating habits. If before I prefer to eat meat more than veggies, now I devour both veggies and fruits with much gusto. My former colleague even laughed at me when I told her how yummy vegetables can be.

Preparing food for lunch and dinner has given me the option to cook veggies however I want it. I can cook a number of dishes though I still have to learn more or have them perfected.

Maybe one of these days, I will post some veggie recipes here. =)


  1. Hi Ivan,

    Talking about changing eating habit's, OMG... I experienced this period for about 3 times when my wife was expecting our 3 kids...she went the other way around, basically from veggie to meat!!

    The best part is she makes special requests on them in the wee hours of the morning too :(

    Until today, I don't have the answer to why this always happens?? *he he he*

  2. Dear Ivan,

    I love the pictures. It can make eating veggies fun, something I can't say too often.

    I love the new header photo.

  3. [nihal ] - thanks for commenting. :)

    pregnant women surely have a way to alter their diets. sometimes, you'll find it ballistic... :) ask my hubby! :)

    [manny] - thank you.. :)


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