Saturday, November 24, 2007

Loving This Blog Make-Over

Dear Me,

I woke up at 3:00 AM today to breastfeed and change my baby's diaper. Afterwhich, I couldn't find it in my body to steal a few more hours of slumber.

Well, the laptop was (still is actually) switched on so I opted to check my email account and surf a little. Later, I browsed this blog and felt the need to change the template. It wasn't so long ago when I changed the look of this blog.

So I searched...and found the perfectly satisfying make-over.

How much do you like it? Let me know. =)



Lynn said...

Hi Ivan! I love this template. It used to be my template too. Only I changed the flower into a getty image of me and my family. It's a very neat and organized template no?
It looks so nice. :)

aryo said...

nice read!

and this template is better than the first.

ex links?

jawee said...

wow! sabay pa ata kayo ni jon nagpalit ng template :D nagbabalak din ako, mejo tinatamad lang, hehehe

Judie said...

Love your blog's new look!

I hope you and the baby's doing okay!

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