Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Brother

Dear Me,

It has been eight (8) months since my youngest sibling,
Jepoy, left for Abu Dhabi, UAE in search of greener pastures and carve his own niche in his chosen profession. He is a licensed civil engineer.

It's funny how memories can change one's perspective. I mean, looking back, I realized that our youngest has grown up, already matured. Anyway, he is 25 years old and yet, I still see him as our baby brother.

Attitude-wise, he has really grown up. The way he talks and thinks about stuff that matter, the way he analyzes things that are very significant.

We used to fight a lot when we were younger as typical siblings. He loved picking on us girls (me and my other sister) and gets away with it. He knew that we easily get pissed off and he loved that. Well, times has changed and he grew up.

He become responsible and knows what he really wants out of his life. Anyway, I wish him goodluck.

In six (6) months' time, he'll be back for a vacation together with his girlfriend, Ayin. By the way, Ayin luckily landed a job in the same company as my brother though she left for Abu Dhabi a month after he did.

My mother speculated that the two (2) may probably get hitched sometime next year. Jepoy has been asking stuff about marriage papers. Of course, my mom would prefer that our 2nd sibling be the one to get married next year but dear sister has some issues about her current boyfriend. I told my mom to let go of it and give her blessings to Jepoy instead. There's no need to rush the other in marriage just because she is older than the other.

Communication with Jepoy isn't that hard since every Friday night, we all logged online to chat with him. He doesn't talk much about his work and instead, he asks everything about us here. I think he is enjoying it all the more that he is with someone he loves. I am thankful that Ayin is there with him because she is such a caring girl. I know that he takes care of my brother well.

Jepoy & Ayin

Jepoy & Clint

Ayin's Birthday



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