Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Dear Me,

  • It felt so weird to know that a 6.0 magnitude earthquake jolted the country at noontime and I didn't even sense it. I was changing my baby's diapers when it happened.

  • I was hoping for a sunny day tomorrow. I was planning of having the clean laundry (washed during the weekend) dried in the sun. Guess it wouldn't happen since typhoon Lando decided to make a comeback yesterday as typhoon Mina weakened.

  • Oh my golay! I can't believe it. MV Doulos will be crossing Philippine waters again. I missed (going) to the world's largest floating bookshop as it docked in our shores last January. If you know me, you'll understand my excitement.

  • My high school batchmates are planning to have a mini-reunion of some sort this coming December 1. Actually, they did it also last year. And like last year, I also do not have the urge to attend. Aside from taking care of my newborn as a new excuse, another reason would be: that mini-reunion will be just another reunion of the "elite" (not the typical definition of the word, ok) section and not of the entire batch.

  • Hmp. I used to like her when she was still in GMA. I liked her when she decided to transfer to ABS-CBN. But now, I have this immense dislike of her. Okay. I'm referring to Angel Locsin. She's trying too hard and gone are the simpleness and sincerity - qualities that I used to admire in her.

    Bad trip. She's now a housemate in
    PBB Celeb Edition 2.

  • Wow! Another opportunity for him to work in Singapore. In case he intends to apply, I just hope the job package will be better than good. Good because the offer provides relocation allowances together with the applicant's immediate family. Mmm.

    To be continued...

    1. intensity 2-3 lang sa atin sa Manila yung lindol kahapon. if you were busy attending to something and you were moving around when the quake happened, chances are, you wouldn't feel it.

      inagts! ;)

      P.S. ayoko na rin kay angel locsin. hehe

    2. my friends were probably on a high building kaya ramdam talaga nila ang lindol. well, it's a good thing di mo napansin.

      angel locsin now inside Kuya's house? hmm. wala na talagang program na maibigay sa kanya ang Dos. lumipat-lipat pa kasi.

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