Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Amazing Race

Dear Me,

I'm so addicted with
Amazing Race.

I love the feeling of watching people compete not only because of the $M at stake but also seeing the character and personality behind their names. It is so exciting to see how their strategies and reactions will determine their fate in the race.

I love Amazing Race the most because I get to travel to places I've never been. I am able to take a glimpse of other people and their diverse cultures.

I also love Amazing Race because of
Phil. He really does a very remarkable job of hosting the show. He exudes this down-to-earth and amiable attitude. Goodness! I love that smile. One word or make that two words: He's GAME! Remember that part when these two (2) gay friends poke fun with Phil. If I remember it corrrectly, Danny was so dirty and smelly when he chased Phil with the intention of giving him a hug.

So now, AR is back on air again. This race is on its 12th run.

There were 11 teams but as of now, 4 teams had been eliminated (as I had watched it). I'm so sorry that sisters
Julianna and Marianna as well as Lorena and Jason were booted out so early. They were two of my favorites aside from the grandfather & grandson, black siblings tandems. I'm rooting for any of these two (2).

I kinda like the pink goths, too.

In the dislike category, I was pleased that Ari guy (gay) bowed out of the race early.

In the dislike-but-not-so-much category, I just don't like the blondes and that other couple team who also had difficulty with their donkey. Hehehe.

In the hate category, I'm really pissed with Ronald for treating his daughter Christina like that. He should shut up his mouth and do his part. He keeps on blah-blah on how to do this and that but doesn't exert an effort to assist his daughter when in fact, they are a team.

Neutral: the booted lesbos team and that of TK's.

Basta, I love AR no matter what. I am planning of collecting dvd copies of the race from its inception.

I will be watching the next episode (after Lorena and Jason were U-Turned by the blondes thus costing them their place in the race) later.


Also ongoing is the Amazing Race Asia edition 2 wherein the Philippines has two (2) teams competing. I was so exhilarated when I learned that my crush Marc Nelson was in it. It was good to see a real sports person represent the country in this much talked about reality show.

I didn't know that his partner Rovil has such big bod. Hehehe. I thought he was somewhat smaller than Marc. I'll pity the pedicab driver if he rides in it.

Anyway, I got thrilled as they were when they learned that they would fly back to Manila for the task and the pitstop.

I kinda felt disappointed when I heard Marc asked where Fort Santiago was located. But then, I understood that not all Pinoy knew that considering he didn't grew up here.

The other Pinoy team is a couple. Sheesh. The woman is such an embarassment. Better watch it if you want to know what I'm blabbing about.

Aside from Marc and Rovil's team, I am also rooting for the beautiful bestfriends tandem -
Paula and Natasha. They're so good and very pleasant

PS. This post is kinda belated. I still have to watch the rest of the episodes later. Hopefully today.

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