Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mamu

Dear Me,

Today is my mom's birthday! She's turning 59.

To my dear mother,
Happy BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I may never tell or show how much I love you but I really do. I'm just not too showy about my emotions but I respect and love you. =)

Hope you have a blast today!

Thank you Mom
for all that you do
I know that my thanks
are far too few

I really do love you
I don't say that enough
For me those words
are real tough

I wish I could express
all that I feel
But for me you know
that's a big deal

Have a great day
I'm thinking of you
I hope that my feelings
are getting through

One of life's special gifts
is having a mother like you
Someone who makes me laugh
and lifts my spirit, too

Thank you for caring
and understanding me
Also for all the little things
you do so thoughtfully

I'm sending you this greeting
and a wish for joy and cheer
The greeting is for your birthday
the wish is for all year.

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