Monday, March 24, 2008

Lists Of All Lists

Dear Me,

As I have mentioned before, I am a sucker for lists. :D I love striking one item after another off the list till they're all gone. It gives me a sense of gratification and pride to see that almost everything in my list has been ironed out.

my various lists headed in the trash

I create a list for everything albeit, I don't keep them for long. I will make one and throw it as soon as I'm done with it. But then, there are some lists that are ought to be kept and maintained. These lists may entail short-term and long-term plans.

Meantime, here's a list of things I have a list for:

  • Things To Do (weekly, monthly)
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Books especially TBRs
  • Things To Pack/Bring When Mountain Climbing
  • Places To Go
  • Travel Itineraries
  • Mountains To Climb
  • Movies To Watch
  • Birthday List
  • Gift List For The Holidays
  • Mailing Addresses
  • Lifetime Goals
  • Tasks/Deadlines To Beat (when I was still in the corporate world)

For now, I am just about to make a category lists of everything. Then later, I'll decide which lists are for keeps and which ones are for trash. :)

And because I'm a list lover, I love books that has something to do with lists. Currently, I have this book (which I haven't finished reading yet):
Lists to Live By: The Second Collection by Alice Gray. I mooched this copy from BM member Patricia.

I'm coveting the following list-related books either from book stores, yard sales or book swaps.

Creating a list, accomplishing them and scratching them off make everything fun. For me, it's a hobby. :)

Are you a list person, too? What do you list down in your list/s? :) Care to share and post away!


  1. I thought I loved lists until I read your post. I do like lists, but not as much as you do. I only have a to-do list and a list of songs I want to download, and that's about it. LOL

  2. wow! vlist after list after list! good luck!


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